Open Competition Results 2023

Mixed Team of 4 Texas Scramble 10th September

Congratulations to Craig Parry, Gordon Cockburn, Brian McMeechan and John Reid (Braehead) who won the Open Texas Scramble on Sunday 10th September with a nett 53.

19 teams participated

1 Craig Parry
Gordon Cockburn
Brian McMeechan
John Reid (Braehead)

2 Kenny Ambrose
Eric Fleming
Charles Ireland
Roddy MacLachlan

3 John Simpson
Warren Nimmo
James Simpson
Stephen McMahon (Millport)

Dick Dolan Stableford - Sunday 3rd September

Congratulations to Peter McDermid who won with a tally of 40 points

1 Peter McDermid 40 pts (Linlithgow)
2 Craig Mitchell 37 pts ((Linlithgow)
3 Eric Fleming 36 pts (Linlithgow)
4 Muir Fernie 36 pts (Linlithgow)
5 Mark Williams 36 pts (Newbattle)
6 Timothy Pearson 34 pts (Linlithgow)

Ladies Pairs Greensomes Open Results 20th August

Congratulations to Alison Martin and Linda Tucker who won with a net 68

Congratulations also to Fiona Williamson and Sonya Andrews (Playsport East Kilbride) who won the scratch prize with an 85

Full results

1st Handicap and Ladies’ Open Greensomes Trophy winners:
Alison Martin (Linlithgow) & Linda Tucker (Linlithgow) net 68
2nd Handicap: Deirdre Taylor (Harburn) & Elizabeth Burns (Harburn) net 73
3rd Handicap: Jacqui Golding (Linlithgow) & Jackie MacFadyen (Linlithgow) net 75

1st Scratch: Fiona Williamson (Playsport) and Sonya Andrews (Playsport) 85 Scratch/net 74

Novelty prizewinners:

Nearest the pin on 7th Fiona Williamson (Playsport)
Nearest the line on 11th Jean Hillis (Tulliallan)
Longest drive on 12th Fiona Williamson (Playsport)
Nearest the pin on 17th Alison Martin (Linlithgow)

Junior Open Result - 11th August

Congratulations to Evan Stott who won the Junior Open on 11th August

Full results

1 Evan Stott nett 52
2 Zara Andrews nett 67
3 Leo McCallion nett 70
4 Robbie Hamilton nett 71
5 Charlie Andrew nett 76
6 Callie McLuckie nett 78
7 Alexander Ainsworth nett 82
8 David Carroll nett 88

LGC Silloth 5th August

Results of LGC Silloth on Saturday 5th August

1st Handicap: 64 James Callachan & Bill Smith (Pumpherston)
2nd Handicap: 65 1/3 John Adams & David Green (Binnie)
3rd Handicap: 662/3 BIH John Simpson & Stephen McMahon (Millport)
4th Handicap: 662/3 David Clayton & Jeff Barr (Falkirk)
5th Handicap: 67 Quinton Robertson & Jamie Sneddon (Kingsacre)
6th Handicap: 671/3 John Tomlinson & Stephen Cole (Pumpherston)
Best Scratch: 66 Ian Hellen & Tommy Cadger (Kingsfield)

Nearest the pin in 2 @ 6th hole: Jim Simpson
Nearest the pin @ 7th hole: John Adams
Straightest drive @ 11th hole: Karen Robertson (Carnwath)
Ladies' Longest drive @ 12th hole: Vicki Shannly
Nearest the pin @ 17th hole: Robert Grierson
Mens' Longest drive @ 18th hole: Graham Gourlay (Kingsfield)

Linlithgow Handicap Open and Gena McKinnon Scratch Trophy

Congratulations to Edward Shannly who won the Gena McKinnon Scratch Trophy with a gross score of 71 beating Russell Malcolm from Dunfermline with a better inward half

Conratulations also to Andrew Stott who won the Handicap Open with a net score of 62

Winner Gena McKinnon : Best Scratch Score Edward Shannly 71

1 Edward Shannly 71
2 Russell Malcolm 71 (Dunfermline)
3 John Tait 72 (Carluke)
4 Neil Cunningham 73
5 Martin Buchan 73 (Thornton)
6 Steven Bennie 75 (West Lothian)

Winner Handicap Open : Best Net Score Andrew Stott 86 24 62

1 Andrew Stott 86 24 62
2 Stanley Chuchla 76 13 63
3 Saqib Imtiaz 80 15 65 (Dunblane)
4 John Adams 81 16 65
5 Alan Weatherston 86 19 67
6 Colin McGill 88 21 67

Mixed Team of 4 Texas Scramble 30th July

Congratulations to Craig Parry, Mark Whyte, Andrew Barber and Gordon Cockburn who won the Mixed Team of 4 Texas Scramble held at LGC on 30th July with a nett score of 53

1 Craig Parry/Mark Whyte/Andrew Barber/Gordon Cockburn Nett 53
2 Nathan Leicester/David Aubrey/Ben Leicester/Scott Henderson Nett 54
3 Eric Fleming/Charlie Ireland/Kenny Ambrose/Rhoddy MacLachlan Nett 55

Hugh Wright Trophy 7th May - RESULTS

1st A Lewis & A Waddell 60

2nd F Stewart & D McClymont 61

3rd A Corr & S Lindsay 62

4th Gil Dalton & Gary Dalton 64

Nearest The Pin :

7th Daniel Beaton

8th Daniel Beaton

10th Neil Lockhart

17th Lynn Gavin